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Breath Coach Training


breath coach training

Breath coach training involves incorporating your own personal breath practices and reflective journaling into your daily life. You’ll start practicing coaching basic breath techniques on day one. You’ll use Toggl to track your hours, and you’ll need to submit two video demonstrations and a short quiz to earn your certificate.

How important is breath coach trainnig ?

You can choose a six-month breath coach training course online or on-site at the Whole Health

Project, which is a leading provider of breathwork certification. The course includes six modules and a bonus module on running a coaching business. It has over 20 hours of video lessons, a final exam, and a private Facebook group for certified breathwork facilitators.

Breath coach training introduces an extensive knowledge base in breathing physiology, as well as a philosophy that uses breathing to control the body. It helps people breathe more freely, reduces stress, improves sleep, and improves focus and concentration. It is used by elite military special forces, and has been proven to help people improve their mental and physical performance.

Breath coach training is taught by Sanni, an experienced breath coach, yoga teacher, and life coach. Her approach is based on respecting the body’s wisdom, as well as its nervous system. She has a background in psychology, and studies the mind-body connection and the body’s natural healing processes. Her passion is exploring the convergences of the latest science and ancient wisdom.

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