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How to Produce a Preserved Flower

preserved flower

Preserved flowers are flowers 永生花香港 that have been stored and dried for long periods of time. They are a safe and long-lasting option for decorating and gifting. They are a favorite among decorators, designers, and small business owners. They are also a convenient way to ship items to countries around the world.

Although preserved flowers are a relatively new process, their history stretches back to prehistoric times. Ancient Egyptian tombs have been uncovered with colorful blooms. These flowers were probably a tribute to a loved one.

Today, preservation techniques are more advanced and provide more natural color and longevity. In addition, preserved flowers are environmentally safe. They are a popular choice for people who are concerned about the environment.

Displaying Seasonal Blooms Through Framed Stems

In order to produce a preserved flower, you need to use a special processing solution. The process involves the use of organic and non-toxic ingredients. The solution contains glycerin, natural resin, natural oil, siloxane, and fatty acid ester. It can also contain synthetic resin or hydrated urethane.

To preserve the flower’s color and texture, you can re-hydrate the tissue with the solution. You can also apply a setting treatment. You can also leave the flower to dry naturally. The final step is to spray the flower with hairspray, which will help prevent it from crumbling.

In some cases, you can create a false stem. This will make handling the flower easier. You can then place the flower in a sturdy container. If you are displaying your preserved flower for a long period of time, you should not put it in an area that is exposed to harsh sunlight.

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